API problem

Hi there. I try to read the meta data of an web stream (mp3). The 4stream app show the station name, artist, title and sometimes even the cover art.

When I use the API command “getPlayerStatus”, I got at “Title” hexed the station name, at “Artist” the (not hexed) ascii text “unknown”, same with the “Album”

Thats my json response:

Am I doing something wrong, or is the documentation “misleading”?

I love the hardware.

Rgds, Uwe

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Hi Uwe,

I’m afraid you have to work with this incomplete API. It’s really difficult to push team to solve this bug. And a compromised solution is to compare with ‘unknown’ before processing with hexed string. And btw, if you could program, I suggest to use the UPNP method: https://developer.arylic.com/download/upnp_hack.rar
It will demo the various UPNP method with shell scripts and curl utility.

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Too bad, but thanx!
UPNP was already on my radar, the point is that I use ioBroker as control system. To marry the two seems to more tricky.

Rgds, Uwe

UPNP is also based on HTTP POST, just need to compose the special packages. It’s easy for you :slight_smile:

You know what? I switch back to Amazon Echo. I have 1 in every room, and they work fine. The only reason is the poor audio quality. But programming, feedback, control - everything is perfect. And when you compare the price, I can live with difference. Too bad, a great promoted product, but during software development the company switched to higher priorities.

PS: UPNP is as bad as GET.

Rgds, Uwe

I just deployed in the Microsoft Store a WiiM remote control that use the HTTP API and I was ready to take a look at the UPNP but look like there is no official docs around.

I’ll give a look at that RAR thanks.

Hi Cheero, what is the name? I searched for WIIM, but no luck. Just want to have a try :slight_smile:
Is this the one? WiiM Remote Microsoft Store - DTVRC

Nice investigating job…
Yes that is the app.
It is public but not discoverable ( it can be downloaded only with a direct link).
I was looking for betatester (specifically for Arylic hardware) so thank you for trying it.

This forum don’t allow for private messages. Feel free to mail me and I’ll send you few promocodes.

Ok, I implemented a basic UPNP remote but I can’t test it on any Arylic hardware:
Would you like to jump in for some testing?

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Hi Cheero, Sure I’d love to do the testing, and I also saw a mail requesting to use Arylic logo, I guess that’s you, right? I think the Wiim APP is still too simple, you could build an app with more power functions.

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Yes , the mail was me .

I think the Wiim APP is still too simple, you could build an app with more power functions.
I see your point but I’m not trying to compete with official apps.
The point of a Microsoft Store app is “to be simple”.
Powerusers are still horrified by Microsoft Store apps and I regularly receive “hate” mails/feedback for using it lol.
I see those UWP apps like mobile apps. Solving one specific problem with as little clutter as possible.

In any case that WiiM app shouldn’t show the Arylic hardware at all.
I suppose I could filter the devices using linkplay instead of specific brands.
I wonder if WiiM and Arylic hardware works together?

For basic features, they could work together. And actually there’re a lot more other brands devices on market based on this solution, and they also would work. So maybe you could consider to build a common one, instead of the brand. And could show the brand for recognized model.

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I’m not opposed to support multiple brand but I think doing that would go against the interest of every single company.
I would prefer follow the market than going against it and play nice with every company involved.

A list of all devices that share the same solution would be an excellent resource. Any idea where I could find more info?
Should I try to message LinkPlay Technology? (not that they ever answered any of my requests before)