API for WBC65 AP2 and HA400 - multiroom commands

Hi, my company bought a few pieces of WBC65 AP2 and HA400 to test the capability to use our own Smart Home app to manage a multiroom enviroment . We discover that these products don’t have anymore the http api. Can anyone help us to find a way to control them (could be UART passthrough, TCP port 8899) . We already tried some commands but could not find the most importante ones: group. Without the ability to group and ungroup we cannot integrate them in our app.

Hi Tulio, for HA400, you should be able to use the HTTPAPI to do the grouping, the only difference is that you need to send the request with https header. Anyway, it’s indeed not work on WBC65…

Hi Frank, thanks for your quick response. I should have said that I know https on the HA400 but it is not a viable solution. Working with a self-signed certificate will bring all kinds of problems. Our developers must take extra precautions to ensure communication between the HA400 and our application (and also our hardware). Not to mention we don’t even have a solution for WBC65 yet. Sorry to say, my unsolicited opinion (at least at this point) is that using https with a well-known protocol doesn’t bring more security, it’s just more annoying. Since iEast, until these new products, we told the market that our solution integrated with any product with a Linkplay module. Unfortunately not anymore. I’m still trying to convince Arylic and Linkplay to return to the http api (without ssl).

Hi Frank, our team agreed to try to develop the integration based on the HTTPS api. We did some initial testing and discovered that in the previous version of WBC65 (4.6.509530.49) the HTTPS api also worked. Unfortunately it stopped working since we installed the new version (4.6.522143.49 and 4.6.522143.61) which fixes the problem with Spotify Connect.