API for the H50


I have an up2stream pro and amp, and they both have a nice HTTP api which I’d like to integrate into openhab.
However, for the H50, the API does not seem to be available. It is serving something on port 433, but expect for an invalid certificate, you cannot setup any connection to it.
I see there is also a TCP API, and the B50 seems to expose port 8899. So does it expose a TCP api then? And if so, is it the one documented on the forum?


Actually bumping this post , as i acquired an H50 too and i’d like to pilot it with home assistant. Any news about API / HTTP Api for H50 soon ? Thank you

HTTPAPI for H50 is disabled for security reason, but it does support to be controlled via UPNP, and TCP over 8899.

I’m currently working to make a bridge from the TCP protocol to MQTT. I’ve a first version working. I’ll publish it on github once it’s in a usable state.
I plan to use it to integrate with OpenHab, hooking it up to homeAssistant should work too.


That’s great, and one thing I’m wondering. Is MQTT used widely in smart home controller? And is there a common topic definition for device to publish or subscribe?

I believe it’s an ideal protocol for it. Lightweight and pubsub. I use it for most of my devices. Another advantage is that it’s not bound to a particular solution (like an add-on for openhab), hence you can use it with any smarthome controller you like.

yes, I prefer mqtt also, especially the retain messages, ideal for device state.

Hi Mouse 256,

Would you kindly share some info on your progress ?

I cannot integrate my H50 on Home assistant and this i what i was targeting initially on purchase believing that HTTP API would be available, hence using HACS Linkplay integration Linkplay Devices / Home Assistant

I could also fallback to A50, but i would lose the benefit of Airplay 2 and the Sabre DAC

Thank you

I have a first working version. I need to clean it up a little, and then I’ll make it public. I hope to be able to do that somewhere the coming days

I’ve made the first version available: GitHub - mouse256/arylic-mqtt

Documentation is still very sparse, it will be improved over time.
Let me know what you think about it.

Hello, you solution sounds very interesting but im not sure if its suppoerted by the a118 chip. Is there any way to check this by running a command manualy? Im not common with the tcp api.

I’m not sure what board you’re trying to use? Probably the easiest is just to run this tool, configure the IP of your board and see if it gets discovered. I’ll add some more info in the readme soon.