API Feature request: Turn WiFi off

Dear Developers,

I’m missing an API call to disable wireless for two reasons: to avoid even more devices sending on the 2,4 GHz band that is already crowded and for security reasons. I know that I can hide an SSID, but that does not solve one of my problems. Once an arylic device is connected via LAN connection it acts like an access point and sends out packets to announce an SSID (normal or hidden) and is able to receive connection requests from wireless devices (tested with Up2Stream Pro and Amp).

Therefore I’m asking if it would be possible to add a command to turn wifi off?

A command could be like setWirelessMode:mode where 0 means off and 1 means on. By default wireless is turned on (as before). A reset of the device could be used to reactivate wifi as an alternate solution in case that an API call as shown above is no longer possible. The getStatusEx command could be enhanced so that a value of 3 for the existing key netstat indicates that wifi is disabled.

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