API Feature request: Mute Toggle

Dear Developers,
would it be somehow possible to foresee a mute toggle function in the API?

Command: setPlayerCmd:mute:<mute>

Currently only, 1 and 0 are allowed. whereas a toggle is missing.
Thank you for you support!

I think that with something as critical as “mute” I would avoid a toggle.
You can always implement your own toggle querying the getPlayerStatus (that I would call every few seconds anyway to keep my UI fresh)

I don’t get it, why mute is critical… but in case it is, isn’t a toggle function more certain than a separate ON and OFF button?

I am Just referring to the function itself; I plan to have an NFC tag that mutes the player. Nothing else, I don’t know/understand much more about coding. Now I need to have two tags, wheras a toggle function makes it a lot easier. Proof that the function exists as suggested by @Dmitry (thanks for that suggestion) with the UART protocol. I tried but as I said only 1 and 0 are allowed.