APC Workbench EQ ini file format?

I’ve been very much enjoying working with these products, starting with the up2stream pro v1, now really enjoying what i can do with the AMP 2.1

I’m trying to write a translator to take an REW EQ text file (default format)… so far, so good.

some issues… the freq value in the exported EQ file (from right clicking in the eq graph window) appears as in the APC workbench UI, but the gain and q are different values.

part of an EQ that i exported

enable = 1
pregain = 0
reserved = 10
filter1_enable = 1
filter1_type = 0
filter1_f0 = 169
filter1_Q = 2607
filter1_gain = -1894
filter2_enable = 1
filter2_type = 0
filter2_f0 = 226
filter2_Q = 6031
fi lter2_gain = -998

In the workbench UI,
freq = 169
gain = -7.4
q = 2.546

I can get really close by:
gain =round(float(gain)*256)
q = round(float(q)*1024)

The numbers i get almost always the same or off by 1.

Still, when i import the EQ ini file that i create, nothing appears to happen.

It appears that the “reserved” value seems to specify something about what EQ is being updated? If this is a new EQ (it is, as I’m making a new one from the REW output), what should i specify for the reserved value?

I also note that when I create an export file from the APCWorkbench UI, it apparently mis-spells “filter2_gain” as “fi lter2_gain”… is this an issue?

Any documentation on the eq ini file available?