APC workbench 3d DSP setting on 2.1 amp board not working.

I have a Arylic 2.1 amp board updated to the latest version 35 firmware and APC workbench version 2.21.14. There is a 3d music effect setting in APC workbench but it doesn’t have any effect when it is enabled or adjusted. The MV silicon DSP chip is marked as BP10664A2 B0415CUE.

I have another DSP board which uses a similar MV silicon chip from a different manufacturer. The 3D effect works on that board. The MV silicon DSP chip is marked as BP1048B2 BTP19CUE.

Can someone verify that the 3d music effect is working correctly on the 2.1 amp board?

It seems that the 3d effect works but only after saving the firmware to the board. ie it does not change in real time as adjustments are made like some of the other parameters.