Another strange SPDIF problem. :-/

Hi. :upside_down_face:

Example case: The U2S mini V3 is on Wi-Fi source. I switch it manually to optical source (TOSLINK) and the music that comes from an FiiO BTA30 plays fine on my speakers.

But then, I pause the music for several seconds, press play again and the speakers remain silent.
In the 4stream app the optical source is still active. If I switch now the source to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and then back to Optical, the music comes ot of my speakers.

What can I do to prevent this behavior? I dont’t want to re-switch the optical source in the app every time after I paused the music.

Greetings and big thanks to all people who are helping me. :hugs:

I’m confused by your configuration. Why are you using a mini v3 and a fiiO bta 30? And what is your audio source? I’ve had similiar things happen but what is usually happening is another Bluetooth device has taken precedence of my source and dropped audio from my intended device. But you indicate it happens when you pause. Does this happen every time?

I need the BTA30 mainly for higher quality (APTX-HD, LDAC).

The playback chain:

Galaxy S21 Ultra → Fiio BTA30 (LDAC) → SPDIF INPUT module (Toslink) → U2S mini V3 (only SPDIF, 3.3V and GND connected) → Aiyima A05 (RCA).

The behavior is difficult to understand. Sometimes the optical source (U2S mini) seems to fall off if there is no signal for more than 5 seconds. The other times I even can pull out the Toslink cable for 1 minute, plug it in again and instantly the music echoes through the room.

An automatic switch for the optical source would be nice. :grimacing:

That’s really interesting. I’m going to be using the optical in my next build. Look forward to trying to figure all that out.

@Master_Chief_87 It could be, that I have the same strange issue. I set to optical, the music plays. I stop the music and start it again. No music is playing. Only if I change to a different input and then back to optical input.

Did you fix your issue?

Thank you!