Another possibly dumb question...

So I have 5 Arylic products (soon to possibly be more) in a whole house audio system (it is still very much DIY, ergo, it is in this forum).

The question: Does the analog input have to convert to digital to play it out of the preamp outs or speaker level outs provided it is not being streamed to another unit?

The context:

  • I want to make announcements to the speakers on Arylic hardware, the announcement originating from the computer that runs my home automation (Indigo).
  • I have two options to do this:
  • I realize I can AirPlay it from the imac server to any Arylic unit and then group other units with it.
  • I can run a line level signal and split it to go to each of the analog inputs. However, if the analog_in gets converted to digital either way, I am not really saving any time on latency by doing this.

Either way, this will involve me learning the API and making some changes, though I imagine it is easier to programmatically switch Arylic unit to the analog in, rather than grouping all of the Arylics to whatever Arylic is receiving the Bluetooth signal.

Thoughts and tips greatly appreciated!

The analog input does have been converted to digital to play it out. And while grouped with other device, the analog input will have delay with the speaker out. So it’s not suitable for announcement.

Your solution #2 seems more reliable. Just switch all device to LINE-IN mode for announcement, and then switch back.

And one more possibility, change the firmware, and enable the LINE-IN input always (work like MIC), and mix it with other inputs. So the LINE-IN could be used for announcement only. But this need a lot of work for the firmware changes. I’m not sure if this is needed for other people. Anyone interested in this feature could give a like :slight_smile: