Another DAC board to try.

A photo of my latest project which is temporarily assembled on a plastic board for now, another Arylic Pro board, this time with a TDA1545 non-oversampling DAC attached.

Anyone who has followed any of my previous builds would have seen that I have tried a few different DAC chips, the ES9023 Arylic board, a ES9018 and PCM5102 boards.

The TDA1545 board that I have requires various input voltages, 3.3v, 5v and +/-12v so quite a bit of power supply hardware which would ideally be on one custom made circuit board, but for now I’m using a separate board for the individual voltages.

While assembling the parts I remembered that I had a couple of leftover JLH ripple eater boards that I bought in a group buy on DIY Audio years ago, so I assembled them as positive and negative supplies for the output op amp.

Sound is great so far, I think that ‘burn-in’ is a bit of a contentious subject with some enthusiasts but from previous experience I think that audio
equipment does seem to sound better after running for a few hours.