Another DAC board to try.

A photo of my latest project which is temporarily assembled on a plastic board for now, another Arylic Pro board, this time with a TDA1545 non-oversampling DAC attached.

Anyone who has followed any of my previous builds would have seen that I have tried a few different DAC chips, the ES9023 Arylic board, a ES9018 and PCM5102 boards.

The TDA1545 board that I have requires various input voltages, 3.3v, 5v and +/-12v so quite a bit of power supply hardware which would ideally be on one custom made circuit board, but for now I’m using a separate board for the individual voltages.

While assembling the parts I remembered that I had a couple of leftover JLH ripple eater boards that I bought in a group buy on DIY Audio years ago, so I assembled them as positive and negative supplies for the output op amp.

Sound is great so far, I think that ‘burn-in’ is a bit of a contentious subject with some enthusiasts but from previous experience I think that audio
equipment does seem to sound better after running for a few hours.


The first update on what’s happening with my latest streamer/DAC project, I’m still playing around with design and parts of it, as a bonus it has been providing me with music to my workbench.

I’ve now added a two input I2s switch and a digital input board, a switch which will be mounted to the proposed enclosure front panel will be able to change the input selection from the streamer board to a CD player or another digital coaxial or optical input. The I2s interconnects between the boards are quite long at the moment, but I’ve had no issues with noise.
The enclosure design for the unit is in very early stages, I’m yet to decide on final layouts for both the front and rear panels. I have milled blank front and back aluminium panels which will get anodised once all the holes have been cut.
The finished depth of the cabinet is still to be determined as well because I’m now thinking of adding a couple of vu meters to the front panel, probably superfluous but somewhat attention grabbing when operational.

More updates and details to follow once more progress has been made.

As a matter of interest, I would like to know if any other forum users have tried any I2s input DACs other than the optional Arylic offering? I’m particularly interested in any that I haven’t tried and/or mentioned in my first post above. All of the DACs that I have tried have worked perfectly with the Arylic boards.


After reading @kossihh post on adding an oled display to the Pro V3 board I thought that I would add this feature to my current build. I have purchased the necessary parts and currently awaiting delivery of them.
I have also bought some illuminated push button switches for the power and the input selection, I’m not sure now if they’ll fit in the space I have left, maybe more changes required once they arrive.
I was planning on using the internal LED inside the input selection switch to indicate wifi connection, so hopefully I can make the switches fit.
A few modifications and some work has been done on the future enclosure front and rear panels, the holes have been cut for the meters and oled, lucky I have access to some machinery to undertake these works.
More updates to follow.