Android Bluetooth issue

So I sent off my latest build off to a relative who uses an android device as her source connected to a 2.1 amp in my build. She states that everything is fine she can stream Spotify and streaming apps but she says when she tries to connect via Bluetooth it says an additional app is required. I have zero experience with android as I am an iPhone user and not had this problem. What she really wants is a way to stream audio from YouTube to the 2.1 amp. Is this possible through the airmusic app for android. Once again im not familiar with that platform and don’t have a way to troubleshoot it.

Did your friend get it work? Have not read posts for a while…
She would try to connect the BLE device which is used to assist the WIFI network configuration, and will be disabled after connected. For Bluetooth audio, she need to activate the Bluetooth mode first (with blue LED), and then connect to the device in phone settings. And can try to check the icon of device, normally audio device will have an earphone or speaker.

I will check with her. She mainly uses Spotify which isnt a problem when she connects through wifi. She just was having trouble getting the Bluetooth connected. Thanks for the response it reminded me that I need to follow up with her.

I’m also having the same issue. Please share the solution if you found it…

Actually i just realised it - the BT source need to be selected on the amp for pairing.

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