AMP2.1: Method to indicate the 24v power supply is ON when the amp is OFF

Short of using a microcontroller solution, is there a method to indicate the AMP2.1 is receiving power from its 24v power supply when the amp is OFF?

In my setup I extended the amp’s LEDs, buttons, and IR RX as the amp is hidden. As part of my setup I have a 2nd LED I am using as a Status, indicate the amp is ON. I did this by using #1-PIN (3.3v) & #2-PIN (ground) from the 9-PIN connector.

Two issues:

  1. Having a 2nd LED ON in line of sight of the TV, usually in 2 different colours, is distracting
  2. When the amp is OFF, the 9-PIN connector is still feeding 3.3v and ground resulting in the Status LED staying ON when the amp is OFF

I think I would rather the Status LED only illuminate when the amp is powered but is OFF. I would use this as a reminder to turn off the power supply to save energy when not being used.