Amp v4 optical input activating

We recently purchased 6x up2stream v4 amps and 1x SPDIF board, as one of them will have a TV connected via optical.

If I have the WIFI input selected, turn on the TV then select OPTICAL input, it works great.

However if the AMP already has the OPTICAL source selected and I turn on the TV, there is no sound. The LED on the amp is flashing pink.

Switching to WIFI and then back to OPTICAL fixes it and the LED is solid pink.

This seems like a bug somewhere? It doesn’t seem to be able to detect an optical signal has started.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any fixes/updates/settings I can try?

Anyone else seeing this? Can’t be that much of an unusual case!

Hi There,
I have had a similar issue with other products. The solution I found was to simply turn the volume right down on the app and then back up again. This fixes it every time. Not a great fix and clearly some kind of bug but at least it gets it to play.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Martin. Yeah, I have a similar workaround in the toggling sources.

If this was a common/generic issue I’d have assumed it would be worth Arylic fixing.