Amp 2.1 or Amp v4 to buy

Hello. I struggle which one to buy, so I have some questions.
I first will use it as Stereo amp. later maybe a subwoofer.

  1. i found the statement that the 2.1 can be used as just stereo 2.0 just do not connect the subwoofer.
    1a. Is the left and right output then automaticaly full ranged and works from 20HZ without the predefined highpath filter.

1b. Is the quality of the left and right in 2.1 as good as from the amp v4

  1. Do I need ACP workbench to to run the 2.1 just as Stereo in full range.
    Thank you Frank

I own the 2.1 and used it in a project and your assumption is correct that the 2.1 can be used as just stereo 2.0 just do not connect the subwoofer. The two other channels for L & R will work normally since there is not any predefined DSP filter imposed from factory settings. You do not need the ACP Workbench for this purpose or in a later stage if you choose to add a subwoofer since the cut off frequency can also be selected from the front bass knob.

I’m afraid you’re not right, the AMP2.1 board indeed has internal high pass filter activated on the stereo output, you only can disable this in ACPWorkbench. With the front bass knob, you can set the cutoff frequency from 50~200, step 30Hz. If the speaker range started from 50Hz, then you can set the cutoff frequency to the lowest and just use the stereo output without disable filter in the ACPWorkbench.

Thank you both, for the answer.
I will start now with the v4.
Regards Frank

@zpl1025 How easy is it to disable the high pass filter in ACPWorkbench?

I just used the channel seperate EQ for the cross over filter for AMP2.1. And when you connected the device in ACPWorkbench, you should just see the low pass filters on mono channel, and the high pass filters on left/right channel. Since you have the ACPWorkbench, just disable these filters with a mouse click.

And after you modified the filters, the F0 adjustment with bass/treb knob will not work anymore to respect user settings.