Amazon Unlimited music service issue

I have recently added a few more albums to my Amazon favourites. However when I try to play them the display in the app says I need Amazon Unlimited. I have Amazon Unlimited.
Some albums by the same artist play OK.
Does anyone see the same issue? Is it an Amazon or Arylic issue.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, Seems to be a bug somewhere.
I removed the albums from my library on Amazon and added again…they now play…

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Do you removed like deleting and then recreated each of your playlists? I’m having similar problem, about a week ago I tried to play any of my Amazon music playlists and neither one play anymore. I just want to avoid having to delete all my playlists and having to recreate manually each one.

Thanks for sharing

Hi Juan,
All I needed to do was to remove the tracks that would not play on Arylic. There was no need to remove any playlists. It tuned out to be a couple of albums so I guess it may have been some licensing issue for Amazon. It has not happened again.