Amazon Prime Music not working on AA-50+

This probably off topic, but there is no category for these things, so it’s here.

Of course it’s probably not the AA-50; more likely 4Stream.
I have Amazon Prime, not the extra cost music, just basic, but it works, sometimes. But mostly when I try to listen to a program source from Amazon in 4Stream, the selected source (playlist, whatever) lights up in green, as if it were about to play. But it never does.
Just another bug in the software, or is there a fix for this?

I was struggling to get the Amazon Prime Music (free with a Prime Subscription) and not the Unlimited version. After many requests for help here people either find it works or it doesn’t.

I suspect the Unlimited version works better but it could be a country thing. I’m in Canada and the Prime accounts cannot be shared as they can in the USA so this could also be a culprit.

I eventually gave up and went with Spotify

FYI this was with my S50 Pro+

Exactly the same problem, no sound when lauch music on amazon strange…I use only with Amazon Prime.

If I remember correctly I would get one or so songs to play then the next song would not load. It would look like it was qued up but the little icon would just dance.

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same, next don’t work…strange

The sad reality is I already use YouTube for music as it’s included with my YouTube subscription but not available as a source.

I’m an Amazon Prime member and their iteration here in Canada without the Unlimited add-on is sketchy at best.

This is what drove me to Spotify.