Amazon Music (prime) problem with S10

Goodmorning community,
I’m here for asking if someone knows how to fix an issue with Amazon Music Prime and the streamer S10.
I’m an happy S10 owner since one year ago. I’ve always used Amazon Music without problems via 4stream.

In the last period it’s not possible to play an album. When i choose an album, it tries to load the first song but the buffering seems to crash after some seconds.
Differently, if I choose a station inside Amazaon Music, the streamer plays correctly.

Initially I had been disappointed for this, after the first days I get used to switch in bluetooth mode and I use the Amazon Music app an the phone for streaming via bluetooth to the S10, but it’s not the better solution.

My S10 is cable connected to the network, I made a DHCP reservation so I know the address.

I tried 4stream via Android and also via iOS with same results. I tried to reinstall 4stream. I tried a factory reset using the app, I tried a fatory reset using the web page and I tried a factory reset using the button located on the rear panel of the S10. I also tried to use the app AudioCast, and the problem with Amazon Music appear identical.

When I perform a fatory reset, it seems the S10 doesn’t reset really so deeply, because I’m not able to reset the device name and the wi fi configuration.

Web radio services (TuneIn, Internetradio) works perfectly.

I would like to try to reinstall the previous firmware, but I’m not able to find it. Here the firmaware im’using

Thank you in advance,
bye Matteo

Ciao Matteo, io non ho S10 bensì una Scheda Up2Stream HD ma ho notato che il Wi fi per funzionare bene abbisogna anche del bluetooth attivato.
Hai provato il Wi Fi con il BT contemporaneamente attivo o il partire in BT e poi passare al Wi Fi sulla App 4Stream…?

Ciao e Buon Anno.!

Translated to the OP’s original language.

"Hi Matteo, I don’t have an S10 but an Up2Stream HD card but I noticed that the Wi-Fi also needs bluetooth activated to work well.
Have you tried Wi Fi with BT active at the same time or starting in BT and then switching to Wi Fi on the 4Stream App…?

Hello and Happy New Year.!

I’ve loved for a long time my Arlyc S10. Unfortunately, now It has the same problem. Amazon Music doesn’t work anymore via 4Stream.

Is there a solution for this issue?
Thank you for your help.

Also have problems with 4Stream… hope it’s temporary issue

I gave up on Amazon Prime Music months ago. I’m in Canada and only subscribe to the Prime you get with free shipping, not the Prime Plus version.

Perhaps it’s a county thing, or maybe not paying for the Plus version but it’s not worth the struggle.

Switched to Spotify and haven’t looked back.