Advice for bathroom music system

I’m slowly adding more and more Arylic products to our home and next up is the bathroom. I’m planning to install two waterproof ceiling speakers ( in the lowered ceiling.

Ting is, I’m kind of unsure where to place the device that’s going to power these speakers. I want to use the Up2stream Amp V4, but I fear it will short out in a damp environment like the shower. It does have a lowered ceiling, I could put it up there, but then powering the device becomes a problem and I lose access to it, that’s not ideal. Does anyone have experience with setting up ceiling speakers in the shower? I could use some advice.

I’m currently working on a similar project for my parents bathroom. They have an attic where I can place the Amp V4 with a short distance to the bathroom speakers.
I made a little control board using the ADC-Key connection on the board so they can control it with physical buttons. That board will be placed in the bathroom wall.

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It’s difficult to describe a standard solution however the amp unit should be placed in an area where no water can reach. Behind Plasterboard or in attic seem a good place.

I will want to do this in future so for maintenance purposes I might try to mount in a socket surface box and put a blanking plate over the top. I would seal with silicon and just cut off silicon if I needed to access.