ACP Workbench will not save


I own an Apm 2.0 V4 and ACP Workbench (Win 10).
When i change settings in ACPWorkbench i use “Download → Save Configuration to flash” (Group 0).
After Power off and on all my settings are gone.

I dont use Virtuall Bass.
I only use EQ settings but it wont save.

Any sugestions

Same here

Bildschirmfoto vom 2022-03-02 10-17-37
any ideas?
So the amp is actually not usable for me

Hi guys!

I also encountered this. I found out by experience that after the last firmware update, group 4 is working in the device by default. This happened on both of my devices. Try saving to group 4. I figured this out by saving the data in a row to all groups from 1 to 6. If you have a remote control, then groups can be switched by long pressing the numbers 1-6.

Arylic promised to fix this in the next firmware version.

Best regards,

Hi Irek,
I have now simply saved the settings in groups 0-4 (one after the other). And it was saved.
You are my hero of the day :-).
Thank you very much.
And yes, I have the remote and will test the days which group belongs to which key.

Thank you and best regards