ACP Workbench V 2.21.0 no import of audio settings


over the last years everything works fine, but after the last updates, ACP/Up2Stream Amp 2.1 are loosing the settings.

If I run ACP (Version 2.21.0) the settings got back to default. Loading my saved audio settings is no possible (the connection between ACP und Amp ist okay).

I always get the error message by import my audio settings: “Import Registers Data - User defined effect should not be imported”

Here is the part from the import file:
enable = 1
Mode = 0
LR Swap = 0

enable = 1
Function = 0

enable = 1
Function = 0

enable = 1
Function = 0

What does that mean, any solution?

The second error is that the amp is not saving any audio effects. If it will be conntected to ACP, I always start at zero.

There is no chance to get the settings in the Amp, quite frustrating at the moment :frowning: