ACP Workbench - store multiple equalizer settings

I would like to know whther it is possible to store multiple Filter options into the flash binary and how to select them.
Ideally I would like to select them by remote IR codes
Have anyone tried this before?

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This feature is not supported yet, but it would be possible, I’ll consider for how to map and control, or you could also suggest.


Great, thanks for picking this up!
The IR remote control of Arylic has the Preset Buttons with the numbers which at least I do not need .

If you would implement an option to use them as well as triggers for different stored filter options, this should work without penalizing those customers already using them for radio presets.

Within ACP this could get added to configuration sets A, B C , D and so on as long as the number of available Preset Keys not exceeded.

Probably more work , more complicated for me but also more flexible as a whole would be to have the capability to enter own IR codes for stored configurations. In this case I would need to use an universal IR control and train it with existing codes.

The mem size of the Up2Stream seems to be plenty enough to store at least several configurations, right?

Looking forward to your thoughts

I would love for this to be implemented!

I’d love the ability to be able to either assign a configuration to an ADC button value, or have one single button to cycle through any saved presets.

I always thought this is what the 6 buttons on the remote are for . If not then it should be . we should be able to cycle through the filter settings from these buttons . I am not a techie but yes i do need this function .

agreed - this feature would be really great!

Did this get implemented, I thought I read somewhere that it had but I can’t find it now.

you can store when directly saving to flas, by different numbers, and acess via remot by long press number. but save to bin would be great

It would be great to access the saved presets via the 4Stream apo or web interface :slight_smile:

we’ve updated for some models, currently PRO V3, AMP V3/4 are not updated yet, will do this some days later.

Hi, i have a 2.1 Amp and i can’t see any of the new EQ options in the app and on the web interface they are greyed out. Do i need to do something besides updating the amp?