ACP Workbench, is there a guide for storing DSP settings


I am just starting with the A50+ and built a nice 2.1 setup building digital crossovers and using the parametric EQs on Left, Right and Mono channels (after a series of measurements with Room EQ Wizard).

Looking up the documentation and also some of the posts here, I am missing “well documented” information on how to store a configuration to the board permanently. I have stored the config in an *.ini file. When the unit is powered off, it looses the configuration.

I read about “Save configurations to flash …” which works with “Group Index” and “Group Name”. I do not find these concepts explained but read somewhere that “Group Index” = 4 would be the devices default setting. I also noted that by pressing and holding the number buttons on the remote, that I can switch between configurations …

I think, this should be explained better to make best possible use of it. I also do not know how this plays together with the export of a *.bin file.

Did I miss a document or is there a good documentation already available?

Any help welcome, regards

Hi Bidjan

Thanks for this interesting question. I didn’t know that you can change EQ presets by pressing and holding the numbers on the remote control. There seems to be definitly some gaps in the documentation.

I also have a 2.1 setup but with a two-channel plate amp and active subwoofer. But I assume that this should work in the same way as your A50+.

So far, i have always saved my settings to position 0 and the amplifier board restarts with these settings even after a power interruption. Admittedly, i never use the other EQ presets. For testing, i briefly selected the “pop” preset and interrupted the power supply. After restarting, the “pop” preset is still active.

When i started playing with the configuration via ACPWorkbench, I also had some unexplained problems. Since i reset the unit to factory settings, it runs much better. Even if the unit is brand new, it seems to change something.

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Hi Bidjan, please try to save configurations into group index 0, I remember that only the main EQ would take effect for the other groups, so user could be able to select different style EQ with remote. And index 0 is used to store all other settings including EQ of each channel, more likely used for the calibrating of the device. I’m not very sure, but please have a try.

That sounds plausible to me. Because if I change the EQ preset, settings like the subwoofer pregain and crossover frequency remains constant. In my configuration I left the main equalizer neutral and made the adjustments per channel and that works as you describe.

An another question is, how can you get back to preset 0 with the remote control? I only know how to do it with the web interface…

the FLAT button should do this, could give a try

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I have to experiment with this. First try did not work. Is ist correct, that I do not see changes in ACPWorkbench when I cycle through EQ presets with the remote control?
I need to take some more time. My goal would be similar to what Marcelch does:

  • use Effect List 1 with specific corrections for L, R, and Subwoofer
  • use Effect List 0 Main EQ for some presets. I would like to build some presets on my own (mainly for changes when listening with low or high volume). How can I overwrite the EQ presets on the remote?

The settings on tool UI won’t update when changed. You could restart or refresh on ACP tool to show the current settings. And for different groups, you could download to device with different group index, normally support only 1~9, and 0 is normally used for the FLAT.

Hi, I probably run into a licence problem and posted about this in another thread that already addresses my problem - see here: Reuse of ACP Workbench license - #5 by bixite

Help highly appreciated. Have a nice weekend