ACP workbench - Are settings lost after firmware update?

I have experimented with ACPworkbench and uploaded the changed settings to several Up2Stream Mini’s.

What I want to know, is what happens when the Mini gets a new firmware update?
Will the changes I made via ACPworkbench be lost or kept?

It meant to be kept same as before. I have made several testing in office and seems working fine, but the real world might be more complicated.

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Thanks for sharing this with me Frank.
I will specifically put one Up2Stream product with ACPworkbench adjusted settings in a test.

We could do two things:

  1. Wait until the next update is coming (in this case I would need that for aa Up2Stream Mini or Pro. (Do you know when the next update is coming?)
  2. You send me an older firmware, and I downgrade the Mini/Pro first, and then wait until the 4Stream App notifies for an update and run that.

If you can help me with option 2. let me know.

In the meantime I have been able to do some tests with two different versions of firmware. Here’s what I did:

  1. Started with a Mini and Firmware version ‘x.0’.
  2. Within ACPworkbench I adjusted the Gain setting from 0,00 to -50,00, and saved that setting.
  3. Updated the Mini with a different version of the Firmware, version ‘x0.1’.
  4. Opened ACPworkbench, to check if the changed setting for Gain was still active. And it was.

So my results and conclusions are:

  • Updating/changing the firmware via the Update tool, does not influence or overwrite the changed settings made by ACPworkbench.
  • Resetting changes made by ACPworkbench, can only be reset via the ACPworkbench software.