AAAA Windows Software Testers

No previous experience needed…

I found myself in need of a Windows software that I could install on my family members’ PCs .
Unfortunately, despite searching extensively, I couldn’t find any existing software that met my requirements.
As a result, I decided to develop my own solution.

One aspect of the software that I’ve been working on is the ability to recognize different hardware and brands and then enable the Main/Sub (master/slave sigh) feature.
Currently, I’m filtering the hardware based on their UUID (Universally Unique Identifier), but I can’t shake the feeling that this approach is a bit of a cheap hack.

If you’re interested in participating, please let me know by replying to this post or sending me a private message.
I will provide you with the necessary instructions and files to install the software on your PC.


Hi i would like to test it please.

I’ll test as well.
I actively test hardware for manufacturers via and have experience with bug reports and the like.

Thanks for the replies.
I was looking for few people to test if the application catastrophically crash on different hardware before public release since at that point I didn’t even have an Arylic device…

The application has been released and is now forging its own destiny…
I have an automatic crash report automatically generated by Windows Store apps and look I have 1 crash out of 270 users so it’s probably fine on that regard

Its just a simple straight http only remote control (no upnp and no polling status)

I’m having a bit of fun on the upnp “pro” version that I will deploy at some point next month.

you can find the app avaible for free untile the end of the month at