A50+ with WD mycloud home

I have installed 9 x A50+ Amp streamers with WD mycloud home. I have loaded all the music via PC but i cannot see the WD on My music. All 9 A50s are wired together with WD on a 24 port gigabit switch including Router.
Phone music and other streamings are available beside WD. I have also enabled PLEX and saved music also there but still nothing. When i use Fing app, i can see all ip address of 9 A50, WD, Router and mobile phone.
Any one who can help?


Hi Guys,
All is sorted. I just enabled the DLNA on the Plex
Server setting. All A50s can stream music from WD
via Plex.
Now a new problem. Client uses Apple iphone to stream itunes via Airplay. Everything works until a call comes through and the music streaming stops until call ended then music continues.
Other services still work with incoming calls.
Any solution

Unfortunately, that’s an iOS issue. Apple can’t fart and chew gum at the same time.