A50+ unable TuneIn

Unfortunately app TuneIn doesn’t sound - no play, but:

  1. it show radio cover
  2. other app Internet radio works perfect but it has not cover radio

do other users have it too?
is there any solution to this?

@jomziom exactly which station do you have a problem with? Does the same stream work normally when opened in the android TuneIn app?

yes and no, when I try open Radio 357 station over TuneIn i receive promp that cannot be opened

after confirm, show cover and nothing happened - no play

But when I play via Internet Radio menu it play perfectly but no cover :frowning:

I think the problem will be more with TuneIn. I haven’t used it in a long time, I have my own collection of links, along with cover images.

hm, strange situation - I also checked on my wife’s phone and it also does not work, but on the pc I still listen to the same stations and they work.

Can You check exactly the same station on Your apps? radio 357

This station is also available on my phone and via the 4Stream app in TuneIn (despite geolocation filtering (I’m in Hungary)).

Here are the two stream links of Radio357, try to insert it in webplayer’s url play…

Format AAC:
Format MP3:

in webplayer works everythings, but problem is only in dedicated TuneIn apps

ok, I still think the problem is with TuneIn itself.

but over tunein web page pays ok :-))) so it could be some API tunein problem or 4stream…

Since the stream started fine on both surfaces for me, I wouldn’t think so. Maybe some local network restriction…