A50+ sounding issues

I just got a A50+ and I’m disapointed.

I’m using it with Klipsch RB51-II and it’s sounds too sharp. I know Klipsch speakers are known for it’s bright sound but I never seen that before. I’ve using it with a old AB Class amp and a Yamaha A501 and it sounds good. I’ve tried to cut the highs from eq but it was not enough. May be it’s peak are at mid frequencies. It’s it possible to adjust that?

It’s has a bizare delay at the optical input. It’s a noticiable delay when I’m watching movies. My TV has an analog output and it’s way better using that way.

I’m planning returning or selling it and buying another amp. What you guys think? Is it possible to imagine these things getting corrected at firmware update?

Have you tried the ACP Workbench software package (additional download $20) which expands the ability of the Arylic units it terms of equalisation including Parametric?

No, I haven’t

I’m afraid to spend more money on this amp and doesn’t fix it.