A50+ lossing wifi settings


My A50+ are lossing wifi settings when a power outage happens.
When this happens, I need to configure wifi again with 4Stream (dicover and configure)

This is normal?

My case pretty similar. After power on you must configure all connections again. Network settings are not disappearing, but all connections to signal sources must configure again. Not wifi problem - A50+ is connected with RJ45.

Factory settings are refreshed couple times, no help. Current firmware (…34) may be part of problem?

Should I open new tread because I found that problem i not network related. Every new start in remote needs factory reset from APP. Network settings remains intact, but all of the inputs (optical, aux, blt, line-in…) stop working until You do factory reset from APP.

Hardware problem or software?
I still have guarantee on.

This is my problem too with A50+, after power breaking it needs to wifi reconnect…