A50+ line/spdif-out - is it possible?

I am planning to buy an A50 + (as soon as it gets cheaper, now in vain there is black friday, not yet). The question that arose in me is that the A50 + has no line or digital output. The question is whether one of the outputs can be retrofitted, or is this design unsuitable for powering an external device?

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I guess you are planning to hook up an extra subwoofer? You will have the following options

  1. You can purchase one extra preamp or diy board from Arylic that has a line out or digital out and pair it with the A50+ to sync them together.
  2. You can connect a high to low level converter to the speaker terminals to get an extra line out.

Hope this helps.

Hi @j.eeken1

I plan to buy a universally usable device that with a small conversion can be used not only as an amplifier but also as a simple streamer, even with a more serious power amplifier. The current construction is unfortunately “one-legged”.
Is there an internal photograph or circuit diagram for these?

Sorry, I allready tried to find a teardown or diagram on the internet, but I had no luck.

@j.eeken1 …Meanwhile I found some interesting things here (it’s worth scrolling through the page because there’s a DIY project on the subject below). This picture is eloquent, the standard I/O-pins on the amplifier panel (A50 old model) are not routed out, so this box can no longer be expanded.

– Update:

I had an exchange of letters with Arylic, here’s the solution:

" Hello,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We have reviewed your query regarding ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool and have responded to your question. Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

Here are the details of your query:

Hello, can it possible to change the direction of s/pdif-in to s/pdif-out on A50+ with ACPWorkbench?

Yes this is available in the second audio effect panel.
You can find th eposition in the bottom.


– Update-2:
sorry, probably a mistake…

– Update-3:
The Arylic customer service confirmed this, this option is only available for the up2stream series…

eeeee, the customer service made a mistake, and sorry about that.
For the A50+ model, you can’t just change the direction with ACPWorkbench, although the SPDIF signal is changed from input to output, but it won’t work because the component is specific for OPTICAL IN, and it can’t be used as OPTICAL OUT, they are different in physical.

@zpl1025 ohh, really, you’re right, I didn’t mean that…