A50 + How to see quality of track playing

Hi all
Just got an A50 yesterday and loving it so far but wondered if there was a way of seeing the bit rate being used when playing a track.

Trying to see if I can actually tell the difference between Tidal and other HD sources basically.

Hi @Deano_uk, Unfortunately, the output of the A50 always converts to 44.1kHz / 16bit, so it doesn’t matter what resolution you’re trying to play.

Even if outputting digitally to a off board DAC from the Coaxial output?

@Tatsu exactly, the output sample rate is always 44.1kHz/16bit stereo.

Thank you. The units are two twitchy for me. I will probably move to Blusound Node 2i for my main and secondary systems and move these two units for my outdoor system and garage system.

@Tatsu, In most cases, this is sufficient (e.g., CD-Rips), only for high-resolution (typically SACD-Rips) recordings - so Arylic devices aren’t as bad for average use. The other question is whether the listener hears the differences in resolution at all (over the age of 40, for example, hearing deteriorates drastically). Test your own hearing e.g. on this page: http://abx.digitalfeed.net/

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Very true. I find the below 24/96 my FLAC saved files lose some of the detail and sound stage in my critical listening areas of my house. For my garage, and outdoor space, and kitchen, bathroom, not a concern. I was looking for a single platform that performed pretty well under both conditions. Sonos just doesn’t get close in my critical listening areas. I have a Allo Signature feeding an off board Schitt Audio DAC in the room now separated from the rest of the rooms. Was looking for a single platform. Might not exist at the price point I am looking for. My systems are all locally amplified to keep speaker runs short and it was retrofitted in to a house built in the 60’s.

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