A50+ Chipset


I just wanted to ask if anybody knows for sure which chipset is used for the A50+ amp as it is stated on the homepage that the TPA3116 is used but according to their amazon page and everywhere else its the STA326 chip - I just wanted to know which chip it is because if its the TPA3116 I’m thinking of buying the amp and replacing the chip with its successor, the TPA 3126.

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Hi, for the lack of chipsets, we produced some batch of A50+, you could identify it with the built-in web page, just browse the IP of device on your browser. And you could find a Project ID in the settings. And it’s used to identify the hardware.

Project ID Chipsets
ARYLIC_A50TE ES9023 + TPA3116

Hi, thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile: I guess you don’t happen to know which configuration I’d get currently if I order it from the homepage as I’m interested in the TPA3116 configuration.