A50 channel not working?


recently bought an A50 , in 4stream app, you can have 3 options
L or R or L+R

whatever i choose, there is always sound on both speakers
if i choose L for example, there should no sound coming out of the R channel, right?

is this a bug?

Even i felt the same while using S50 Pro + . L means Left channel will play through both channels. R means Right will play through both channels. So in multi-room set up, it can be Right playing in one room ( from both channels ) and Left in another Room ( from both channels)

oh, so its nt possible to have sound from one channel only? thats indeed to bad

so if you select for example only L , it means the “stereo” sound is coming out of 1 speaker ?

btw, but is this a bug or not? should it not play only from L when selected and no sound from R then ?

This allows you to set up systems say ‘ceiling speakers’ that are far apart (or with cable routing issues) and with two linked (Paired) up2stream systems you can set one to Left speaker and the other to Right and get stereo image

yeah, my speakers L and R are indeed far away from each other, actually they are in 2 seperate rooms

i thought if i use only L, only 1 speaker was working , so only music in 1 room

but thats not possible then?

It looks very much that they designed the system to be used for multi speaker systems and with the small amp boards you can amp up each speaker separately for low cost

ah, so with the small boards its possible? how can be that be done? also with 4stream app? is there then another setting for it?

See the user manual for example the ‘Up2Stream AMP v4’ it talks about, setting up for Mono L, or Mono R or stereo plus Syncing units together via the APP

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Hi, Just bought and set up Arylic 50A and connected it to two speakers (JBL Stage 9603H). The sound is fine in one channel, but missing in the other. Switching speakers LR doesn’t fix it. Something in the settings or just return it and get another one? Help?

@Oceanlove it is a good idea to check the wiring of the speaker (phoenix) connector first, because the wiring sequence is not normal!