A50+ amp Factory reset - Original sound quality missing

I used ACP Workbench and was not happy with the quality of sound. So I did a factory reset through 4stream app. But the sound does not have the original quality as when it was new. Is there anything else I have to do. Factory reset through ACP workbench was not happening. Despite clicking on factory reset there was no reset going on.

Can you pls respond to my concern. Also, pls let me know the latest firmware details for A50+ amp. I need an urgent support as I am not able to enjoy the product.

Dear Mr. Frank,
I am sure you will remember me. I am still struggling with the A50+ amp . As you may recall I used ACP Workbench and then the whole original sound quality is missing. I shared screenshots of the ACP Workbench and now it is all in default settings. But the original sound quality is not restored. Actually factory reset through ACP workbench was not happening after clicking on the reset button in the bottom left portion of the software. As suggested by you I did power cycle and for once I thought that the sound quality had improved. But after listening to some other music I feel it is not the same. Pls help me sort out. Sorry for the long post.