A30 audio skip

I’ve got on network (hardwired and wifi) an A30 amp that’s experiencing a half second audio “skip” once a minute since day 1. On the same network node when installing S10 to 3rd party amp I do not experience the “skip”. Happens regardless if network connection to unit is hardwired or wifi, the network is dedicated to audio (plenty of available bandwidth, 175mbps minimum) with audio entry through another S10’s analog input (3.5mm) from satellite receiver. On the front end S10 I’m taking it’s output to amp cleanly replicating input. All units have latest firmware 4.6.329454,
any ideas?

Sounds like the AMP is protected. What speaker you’ve used? What power used? And how about the temperature? Does it work fine with small volume?

Small Advent bookshelf speakers 4ohm, power supply is unit that came with A30, volume set at low level for small room and classical, 65degF room temp and amp low temp to touch. Skip is independent of volume setting. The 3rd party amp has no trble with speakers. Skip is more regular when A30 is on wired network, when on WIFI connection music is more stable and skips may be result of source.
What do you mean by “AMP is protected”? Clipping?

Before I suspect the AMP stop working in some conditions like over heat or current, and then it will be reset, so you can hear the skip of voice. But as you say it’s not hot and also volume independant and the speakers are 4Ohm, then it’s not the case. I have no idea for what’s going on now, you should request for a replace maybe.