A way to limit the volume

I’m have been through the app and was looking for a hard limiter on the audio. I know software can do this for most apps. The problem is if someone doesn’t realize this and uses the arylic device with their volume all the way up from a non limited app. I was wondering if any one has a sort of cheap work around. I can code and do electronic work. If I can’t do anything to fix this I am adding this as a feature request given the potential danger of the issue.

Even Sonos has this because of the potential danger of damaging your hearing. I want to buy more arylic devices but this is 100% a deal breaker.

I will also be following up with this till I get a hard no “we refuse to add this” or it’s coming soon in this patch.

Thank you for the help I have already emailed the team but didn’t get really anywhere with that and was given a non answer.

Hi, welcome to the forum.
If you want to limit the maximum output volume, you may consider to use the ACPworkbench software.
By the way, you will probably be out of luck that it will be added to the app. For the majority it is not a problem and won’t be using it with a headphone. My guess is that you want to use it with a headphone, otherwise it doesn’t make much sense to me of damaging your hearing.

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Thanks for the response, I’ll take a look, I’m actually using it on my house for room audio, and idk when I tested it was way to loud, everyone actually left the room because of the volume. So I don’t think it’s just me haha, I may just end up going with sonos then because they have that feature but I’ll do some more testing. I was only using a 1m audio cable for the test. I’ll probably do a actual run and see if that helps lower the volume.

I also know I’m not the first to request this feature as well. So it would be nice to have.

It is not clear to me if use one of the diy boards.
In the case that it is still to loud for you. You could implement a stereo pot, 2 resisters with a fixed value or a preamp in the chain to lower down the max volume. You can also buy the volume knob board for this.

If these low cost fixes are still a dealbracker for you, then you should spend 3 or 4 times the money for the sonos.