A small bug report about Up2Stream HD

  1. The MODE button connected to ADC_Key does not work. The rest of the buttons, the work of which I checked, work correctly.

  2. When I try to turn on the Bluetooth mode with the remote control, the blue LED flashes very quickly, but the Bluetooth mode does not turn on. This mode is enabled only from the 4STREAM program.

  3. The reaction to the rotation of the volume encoder occurs with a large delay and a jerk. It spoils the impression.

  4. The user manual mentions USB mode many times. Actually, I don’t see the USB mode.

In general, the sound of the board is very pleasant when driven by the Hypex amplifier board. Extraneous noise and interference are completely absent. I really hope that all firmware bugs will be identified and fixed.

The mode button on the rear panel also does not change the input mode.

Hi @Irek much appreciate your feedback.
I may need more info could you help me?

  1. Could you attach some clear photos of your wiring?
  2. What is your firmware version?
  3. Same as point 1
  4. Confirmed, Up2stream HD DAC is no USB mode. We already modified the files on our site. Thank you!

Everything is ok with the wiring, this is a software error. I conducted several experiments and found a pattern in the appearance of this bug. This behavior is repeated every time. I made a short video: