5 zone system in a 2U rackmount... hold my beer

We have:

  • two Up2Stream Amp V4’s
  • three Up2Stream Pro V3’s
  • three Aiyima 300W amplifiers
  • 8 port switch
  • Wiim Mini Airplay2 receiver.

-3 pairs of RSL C34e MkII’s (great bang for buck with reasonable imaging for ceiling speakers) on the Aiima amps
Two single Polk MC60’s (bathroom duty) mono
Two Micca M-8C’s (hallways) wierd in parallel, mono

The Airplay 2 receiver is purely so I can (attempt) to group my old Sonos Play’s with an Airplay 2 enabled speaker and still have the ssame thing play everywhere.

I will post updates if anybody is interested.


Done. Pretty pleased.


Hey there !

Great build - looking at something similar for a project.

What kind of power supply did you use for the Aiyiama amps ?

Would you mind sharing the complete part list ?

What was the hardest part in integrating this whole thing in a 2U ? 6 Months in are you happy with the setup ? Something you would change ?


Thanks so much! I used a pretty standard 24 V power supply, and I’m trying to remember how many amps it was (the amperage needed was really mainly determined by the amplifiers).

I will check and get back to you. Are use a 5 V five amp step down converter to power the preamp boards and the Wiim.

I am pretty happy with it so far. A nice feature I made sure to include is the Apple play 2, as I can group my old Sonos equipment together under Apple play to speakers, and still send an Apple play to signal to the Wiim, which intern, since the signal to all of the amplifier and preamplifier boards. I have not run into latency problems, that I really noticed!

How did you wire the Wiim to be available to all amp boards ?

Would you care to share a wiring diagram


That’s a less than ideal but practical connection; the Wiim has no wired network so it speaks wirelessly to the other units (this is purely so i can Airplay 2 to both my Sonos and my “Fauxnos.”