5 zone system in a 2U rackmount... hold my beer

We have:

  • two Up2Stream Amp V4’s
  • three Up2Stream Pro V3’s
  • three Aiyima 300W amplifiers
  • 8 port switch
  • Wiim Mini Airplay2 receiver.

-3 pairs of RSL C34e MkII’s (great bang for buck with reasonable imaging for ceiling speakers) on the Aiima amps
Two single Polk MC60’s (bathroom duty) mono
Two Micca M-8C’s (hallways) wierd in parallel, mono

The Airplay 2 receiver is purely so I can (attempt) to group my old Sonos Play’s with an Airplay 2 enabled speaker and still have the ssame thing play everywhere.

I will post updates if anybody is interested.


Done. Pretty pleased.