5.1 Project For TV and Multi Room

Hi everyone,

I’m prospecting for design sound project to update my house installation. I would like to replace my5.1 home cinema by something more useful.
I’m thinking about a 2.1amp board or the stereo board with a A50+ to convert my actual stuff in a multiroom system to play music and using the spdif in sockets as input to make a true 5.1 systems coming from my Samsung TV Set ( of curses with different Ways at least FR FL RR RL)

After that I’m thinking about and 7.1 or an 11.1 system to make 3D sound.

Did someone already try this configuration ? Or have any advice about how to do it ?

Kind regards, Damien

Hi Damien,

I’m also interrested to make a 5.1 home cinema but for now i think it’s not possible due to phase problem. if you connect a 2.1 amp and an 2.0 in a same room you’ll hear that the sync isn’t correct. Maybe a future board will do the work…