4Strearm iOS broken doesn't stream Amazon/Tidal to Up2Stream Mini v2

4Steam for iOS Ver: 2.8.9403 does not stream Amazon Music or Tidal music to my Up2Stream Mini V2 (F/W 4…2.84422, Build date 202020622) ever since 4Stream version with Amazon feature was added. I can logon/browse both Amazon and Tidal and enqueue songs, but the song never play or progress. It however player TuneIn and Internet Radio stations.
I can however play Tidal from Tidal App as well as mConnnect Player.
Trying to update the Up2Stream Firmware from the 4Stream App doesn’t find any updates.
If Arylic is not going to provide Firmware update older board, It would be SHAME for Arylic for being just ANYOTHER Chinese “Abandon-Ware” company… I would Retract ALL my recommendation / feedback for Arylic I have posted on Facebook or Audio forums…

Don’t worry, we sure will support old models. It should be a mistake, please help to collect device information with the following link and send mail to me (frank@arylic.com) I’ll follow and check what’s going on. http://device_ip/httpapi.asp?command=getStatusEx