4stream playback drops out

Hi folks, a problem has developed recently when I try to play FLAC files from my Samsung Tab through 4stream/wifi to my plate amp 2.1/boombox. It has been working fine for months now, but now, when I start to play a file (which are stored on a SD card), the playback starts then keep dropping out every few seconds. It’s almost like the playback isn’t buffering properly. In the past few weeks a few things have happened that may be related to the malfunction- I cleared a few apps off my tab (and maybe cleared one that 4Stream uses?); I also bought a new Samsung phone and it accessed my tab via SmartLink and updated my contacts (and perhaps some other settings that 4Stream needs on or off?); I also installed the EarStudio app to see if I could use it to control my plate amp (that didn’t work, but did it change some settings that interfered with 4Stream operation??)
It suspect it is a communication problem because I can play internet radio without any problems, but I’m definitely no expert!!
Does anyone have any ideas how to fix the problem? I’ve just reinstalled 4Stream and that hasn’t rectified the issue.

Hi all,
I had a little spare time and looked into this problem a little further - and fixed it! So, as an aid to others who may experience the same problem, what fixed it was to get into the tablet settings, switch off the wifi connection and then restart it. Don’t know why that fixed the issue or what caused the malfunction in the first place, but I’m not complaining! Interestingly, before the re-set I found that MP3 files (much smaller than FLAC) played with no drop out. so possible a buffering issue???