4stream on PC through emulation

I would really like to be able to use the 4 stream app on my windows machine. Im assuming this has to be done through emulation of ios or android. I use ios to control my devices now and am trying to find an ios emulator. Is there anything out there that can do this anyone is aware of? Bluestacks for android seems like it would it work well for this as I mainly run spotify through my arylic devices. I cant seem to find anything ios based capable of this for the obvious reasons. Does anybody know of a way to keep my arylic devices on the ios platform and control from windows PC or would I have to convert my arylic devices to android and use bluestacks on my pc as my android emulator and lose ios control?

Another thought I have had about 4stream control from PC is that now I would have an ethernet based controller. At times it seems when I am making changes to Zones, I am possibly picking up wireless interference resulting in dropout of zones, delay, and audio distortion. This corrects itself with a few seconds but it is extremely noticeable. I cant prove it but I believe the error is in wireless transmission from my iphone to network router and back out to the Arylic devices. I understand the idea is to be all wireless but I have yet to see a transmitter and receiver that are immune to interference. I would love to use these devices in a live sound situation. I have designed a few boxes already that employ Arylic amplifiers and they could easily light up a small club. The ease of setup coupled with the reliability of an ethernet connection at showtime would be great.
I have also been wondering if anyone has used both the ios and android app and if there are any advantages or disadvantages to each. Stability is what I want to see from this system and using my iphone as the controller doesnt seem all that stable when making changes, eq, volume, zones. I dont think this is out of scope for these devices as they could be installed in entertainment environments, Themeparks, skating rinks, arcades, bars, clubs. Reliability is crucial in these settings and the failsafe of a hardwired controller is necessary.

I may be mistaken, but I don’t know that you would see your local network from an emulator. I have tried this, and maybe I wasn’t doing it right, but I didn’t have success.

Good Luck!

I haven’t had success using an android emulator but I figured that was because when I configured my arylic devices I used my iPhone. I have a plate amp sitting around I’m going to reset and try to configure android and see if I can get connectivity.

Hmm. I see your point. I’m guessing the reason for this could be that the emulator wants to get its information from a cellular or wifi signal which defeats the purpose of installing on a PC to use Ethernet.