4Stream not launching on ios

Hello All

Has anyone had any issues recetly with the 4Stream app running on ios 15?

I just deployed a system for a customer and the app closes when they launch it. If they disable wifi the app will open and search for devices. I have not had this issues before and really dissapointing.

Any suggestions?

Hi, in my XR work fine.


I have no problem getting the app to work on iPhone 11.

Hello All

I was able to recreate the problem and thought I would share.

My setup for this client is a moderate size setup. I did not build the networkk but adopted it.

Main network is a Eero pro gen 2 system with 4 units creating a mesh network .

I have the following Arylic units installed.
6 - S10
2 - A50+
3 - Up2Stream Amp V4
1 - S50 Pro+

The issues with the app was a subnet issue within Eero. The client switched ISP providers and we ran into an IP confilt with the supplied router/modem. When I change the IP address within Eero It wasnt saving the subnet correctly instead of a subnet I was gettting a subnet and didnt notice. I was able to somehow force the change, and the app started working again.

Hope this help with any issues soemone might have in the future.

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