4stream music sources wishlist

I really enjoy using my A50+ amp with my ceiling speakers and S10 streamer with my integrated tube amp. Looking forward to doing a mod on an old soundbar to embed an Upstream A4 amp board inside it and expand my whole house environment. I might also do the same an older in ceiling high end enclosed Triad ceiling speaker I’ve got kicking around that would be a fun project.

Anyway I have a question - Is the 4 stream app made by Arylic? Is there a feedback or wish list area to request how to get any other online sources added? I would really love to get Live Phish + and Nugs.net as available sources. Right now still using an old android hooked up via phono to RCA input, or occasionally bluetooth. In fact that was my former “streaming solution” for various listening zones before Arylic. Anyway it would be awesome to have those sources stream right from the Arylic box and get the best quality and not rely on the connected phone when in use. I’d even pay a small fee for those as a “premium” option or something.

Is this even something 4stream can do? Am I barking up the right tree or do I need to be begging the nugs.net people to get their apps available on 4stream?

Adding photos of the A50+ I have setup in a master bath / closet remodel I’m doing, and also of the sound bar I’m planning to modify. Just have to find another to use for the interim before I start tearing into this. Want to see if I can use an amp board or a pre-amp board depending on if i can output right to the speakers or need to go through the line in and leverage the built in amp it has already.

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Hi Doug,
I could be wrong, but I don’t believe that the app was developed by Arylic, more of a app to control LinkPlay devices.
I have read in another post on this forum that the user was using another app, I’ve had a quick look, but can’t find it at the moment.
Search Linkplay compatible apps or 4STREAM alternative apps and there are lots that might serve your purpose better.


Hi, you can try other compatible apps (e.g. iEast or AudioCast), but the joker BubbleUPnP e.g. capable of transmitting streams and music from almost any source to any source.

Thanks for this suggestion. I went through and tested a few that matched simply typing “LinkPlay” in google app store and found WiiM Home, Medion X and Myvision Player. They all see the Arylic devices right away and they operate very similar to 4stream. However they don’t have the option for the sources I’m hoping to get in there.
I did find WiiM Home is very similar to 4 stream and works well as an alternative for anyone that wants to try something different. It also has the source option for “open network stream” which will stream any specific streaming URL but doesn’t have the ability to authenticate and get a stream from one of these subscribed sources.
One thing interesting on the WiiM home app it is available for windows. Seems to be limited but supports streaming your local library or accessing presets. Definitely recommend WiiM for anyone testing alternative options. Has a few more sources in there, mostly radio and missing Pandora, but the app functionality is very good and almost identical to 4stream.

Also thanks for these suggestions. I’ve checked out a couple of other streaming apps along these lines -BubbleUPNP and HiFi Cast but neither has the ability to use the sources I’m wishing for.

It is interesting to see the variety of other apps available and experiment with them. Will keep checking around and testing options. I love the versatility and not being locked into a single vendor solution like with sonos.