4stream app issues Pandora and Amazon music

Hello folks I. Just at the start of deploying an Acrylic system in my house. During intial testing I having some issues with the 4stre app.

The first one is when using Amazon music. If I click on the magnifying glass to search the 4atream app crashes. Does anyone else have this issue?

The second issue is with Pandora the search magnifying app is over my user name so when I click on the glass to try and search it it just pulls up my user information.

If folks have found a away around these issues I would be happy to hear about it.


Same problem with Amazon on my Android Huawei. Search for 4 stream app history. Install an older version fron earlier in the year. Turn off auto update within the app and you should be good to go. Not as slick looking but you can search.

UPDATE: Mine works now, they fixed it. I only use amazon music, so can’t comment on Pandora

Known issue, started with last app update. I messaged them and they responded that they were aware of it. If you go to the google play store a lot of people are complaining about this issue, dropped their rating to 2.5.

Yup Amazon now working a treat, thankfully.