4Stream App: how to control equalizer for speaker group?

I have two active speakers, both with an integrated Up2Stream Mini v3 module.
These two speakers are configured in 1 group, so they are a stereo-set (see picture below).

Now I would like to control the equalizer settings, but for both speakers. So I go into settings of the first speaker via the ‘gear’ icon. In the next menu list, I choose ‘EQ’.

And in the next window, I simply move the slider to my likings. In this case, bass goes up two steps (see screen below).

So far, it’s easy. But I have now only changed EQ settings for one speaker. In this case it is the Right and main speaker; so when grouping the both, the Left speaker was added to the Right speaker.
But when I access the settings of the Left speaker via the gear icon, I can’t get to the EQ settings. After pressing the gear icon, the screen below is shown. It shows only loudspeaker information and no access to settings like EQ. Sure, this has to do with the fact that grouping speakers makes one speaker ‘Master’ and all others ‘Slave’.


  • How can I control EQ settings also for the second/slave speaker?
  • I am looking for a way that I can control EQ settings in an easy way, for all speakers in a group.