4 channels and multi room

Hi All,

I’m setting up my multi-room system and I pretty new in Arylic products.

I will have three zones, in one open space:

  • Living room with a Tv, Apple TV and 4 speakers
  • Kitchen with a TV, Apple TV and two speakers
  • Dinner room with two speakers, only for music or mirroring TV sound from last two areas.

My intention is to use AirPlay to broadcast audio from ATVs.

Is there any way to use 4 speakers on a a30 or a50, depending on the impedance of the speakers?

Other thing: is possible to use only one amplifier for the kitchen/dinner area, selecting the audio for one of the two areas separately?


you can connect 4 speakers to A30/A50, but need to make sure the impedance is more than 4 Ohm. eg: connect 2 8Ohm speakers in parallel to one channel, or connect 2 4Ohm speakers in serial to one channel.

And for one AMP, it can’t play different music to 2 zones, need to place one AMP for one zone.

Btw, when you group for multiroom, it will bring a significant delay on the sound out. Not suitable for TV.


The delay would only be noticed on multiroom setup? If I stream one ATV to only one zone, still would be delayed?

airplay also have this delay, bluetooth and line-in does not.

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