4 channel system, 1 volume control

Using 2 amps to build a 4 channel system, ie two amps paired together, can I use 1 volume control to control all 4 channels at once? Eg making a 4 channel active speaker system… 2 amps gets me 4 channels with DSP and amplification. Can I rig 1 volume control to control the volume on both at the same time?


4 channel potentiometers are available so yes you can. Do you need a diagram?

Hello markofjohnson,
I see you want to use 2 2-channel amp boards to drive 4 speakers, which I plan to do and possibly even for me with 6 speakers (3 amp boards).
is there a special connection by I2s bus or other to be made between the two boards so that the different inputs of the two boards are synchronized by an amp board master: ethernet, wifi, usb, bluetooth?
were you able to control in a synchronized way (without latency or lag) 4 speakers in stereo on all possible types of input, ethernet, wifi, usb, bluetooth??