3 ways active speakers boombox Bluetooth & Wifi with Arylic Amp 2.1

just finished my new pyramid boombox equipped with:

  • 1 Sub TANG BAND W5-1138SMF
  • 2 passive DAYTON AUDIO DSA115-PR
  • 1 medium Monacor MSH-116
  • 1 ribbon tweeter FOUNTEK NEO CD 3.5H
  • 1 Arylic Amp 2.1

The objective was to get strong bass and original design with a pyramid (base:25cm, height:70 cm). I struggled a bit with the wood cutting as most of the angles are not 90 degrees…
The small 5 inch sub plus the 2 passive speakers on the sides generates a impressive bass for such a small volume.
Very happy by the resulting sound and the clean bass from the amp 2.1 even at high volume.
I also used the ACP Workbench in order to set filters, with the medium on the right channel and tweeter on the left one, with a cut frequency at 3k5.
The result of this setup is obviously mono, but on such boombox, the left and right speakers are so close that you don’t get a good stereo effect anyhow.
Note that with ACP Workbench I set the output as the Left+Right input.
And the active filter is far more flexible than a passive filter for the tuning to the speakers tone.
with the ADC key I have configured 3 different Equalisation selected with buttons on the back: a loudness Eq to listen at low volume, a normal, and a Eq to boost the bass.

Some pictures:


Nice Job Fabien @pogona06

I particularly like the form of the speakers. looks great :slight_smile:

I bet it sounds good too :+1:

Nice build. Great use of the 2.1 Amp in a 3-way design. Any temptation to create a second speaker and pair them? :smiley:

Good job :+1:t2:

Why not a pair indeed, but it’s not that cheap in total ( 200 euros just for the speakers). or just a small satellite without a sub is enough to get a good stereo dimension.
What is surprising is the amount of bass for such a small sub Tang Band of 5 inch. The 2 passive speakers associated with a closed box add a lot bass for sure, IF it is located at the proper position in the room.
But… it will never reach the level of my big sub equipped with Atohm speaker.

wow, like the casing, great project :+1:

Nice build :+1:. Never thought of a vertical boombox :open_mouth:.
One question: What are the three buttons on the back panel for? Are they used for switching input sources?
Regards, Sven

The 3 buttons in the back are used to change the equalizer presets.

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