2.1 Plate Amp firmware update?

I’m using 3 other arylic products in my setup and they are all on firmware 4.6.337862.29. They are a v4 amp, a 2.1 amp board and a mini. Have been trying to add this plate amp2.1 to my system but it there was no prompt to upgrade firmware when I first booted it up and I’m am not seeing any way in the app to force it to upgrade. It will not sync with my system because it says firmware is out of date when I try to. It also is not recognized in Spotify but I can use it Bluetooth. How do I get the newest firmware to this device?

Top notch customer service. Coco emailed me the updater software and the current firmware. Up and running everything talking like it should. Thanks. Plate amp 2.1 sounds very nice.