2.1 amp boom box project v2

Good evening

I’m planning on building 2 boom boxes using 2 arylic 2.1 amps with a similar layout to my prototype pictured.

This box used a TDA amp powered by 12x18650 cells, tang bang W6 sub driver & 2 Dayton audio RS75-8 3" Reference Full-Range Drivers in stereo.

The box performs very well, but the TDA amp is very poor quality so I’ve chosen the arylic units for my next version, along with neodymium drivers and 12mm plywood to make it more lightweight.

In my new design I would like a tidy single panel mount to control volume and inputs etc but this is proving difficult as only the volume Connectors are front mounted, I would also like be able to connect mini USB for example to connect to PC for DSP tweaking.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I notice arylic do make a panel mount for the smaller amp, but not the 2.1?

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If you would be OK with having volume control and all input connectors on the backside of your boombox, you could use the new 2.1 plate amp. In this case, you would not need to worry about any own panels.

You could still mount the IR receiver and an RGB LED (to show which channel is active) to the frontside.

If you want to stick to the original 2.1 amp you might need to create own panels for the volume control and the USB input. Some guys in this forum did the former by desoldering the volume encoder from the PCB board. For the USB input, there are several USB cables on the market with some kind of screw mount on one side. I used one of these (with an USB-C connector to be future-proof) but for the volume control I used the 12pin connector on the board and created my own panel. Looks like this:

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Hi Sven,

Thanks for the reply.
Annoyingly, the new 2.1 plate amps were release right after I purchased 2 conventional units!

The other potential issue i see is connecting an internal battery pack to the 2.1 plate amp as the DC input is external, this would mean connecting a DC supply from the battery direct to the pcb somehow?

Does anyone have a DWG file of a 2.1
Front face plate they have designed and would like to share?

OK, got it.

@Joy Is it possible to power the new 2.1 plate amp from inside the case (not using the external DC port)? For me, it looks like the two holes I marked in the following picture could be used (soldering required). Is this true?

Regards, Sven

Yes, it should be the place for power connector, you could confirm it with multimeter.

Thanks, Frank.

Yes, I can confirm that the two holes in the board represent the negative pole (left) and positive pole (right) of the supply voltage (see picture below). If you use an internal power supply, you can solder the wires directly into these holes or you first solder a JST-VH-2 connector in (I will do the latter).

Screenshot (21)

@zpl1025 It would be great if you could add the connector already in production of the board. Without an internal connector for a power supply (and an adequate documentation), you cut down the potential use cases for the board considerably.

Regards, Sven

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Good evening all, A small update, but more questions!

I’ve now installed 1 of my 2.1 Amps into my box pictured above, amazing what a decent amplifier can do! The new dsp functionality is amazing.

Now I have a new problem, I want to build another box and be able to link 2 boxes together out in the woods (I ride dirt jumps) and play the same music through both boxes from my iPhone.
Can I set up a WiFi network on my phone and do it that way? Once I’m in the woods on 4g signal the app doesn’t “see” the boom box